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Local Electrical Consultant Hires Montague WebWorks to Retrofit Website

Deerfield, MA - June 7, 2012 -- Randy Ames, owner of Ames Electrical Consulting, was looking for a local web company that could re-power his company website with a dynamic content management system and provide excellent local service. He wanted to manage the content on his website, and still have something that was more dynamic and engaging. He knew he needed a local professional who could get the job done quickly and leave him with a stable, mature system. He called on Montague WebWorks.

Mik Muller came by and gave Randy a demo of Montague WebWork's RocketFusion website software, and presented several other client websites, both front-end and back-end views. Randy was visibly impressed. "This will be a piece of cake."

A few days later the new website template was up and running and Randy was logged in, editing pages and images and news items. "This is amazing" he said. "I'm blown away at how quickly this all came together. Mik came to our offices, finished working on the domain transfer, set up the email, gave me a quick training, and we were done. It pays to use local professionals."

The new website can be seen here:


Montague WebWorks, with offices in Montague, Greenfield and Northampton, can be reached at (413) 320-5336 or for more information.

Montague WebWorks proprietary Content Management System (CMS) dubbed "RocketFusion" can be installed behind almost any website template, either purchased, downloaded free, or hand-created by a designer of your choice. The software sports static pages, image galleries, file cabinets, news and a dynamic databased contact management system, built-in to the news and static pages. HTML experience is not required to operate your website, allowing almost anyone to maintain it. As such there are no monthly fees for updates.

Posted: to General News on Thu, Jun 7, 2012
Updated: Thu, Jun 7, 2012