The Big Picture

(or How the Big One Didn’t Get Away!)

One of our long-standing customers, a local aquaculture farm, wanted to get a better look at how their process was working.

We recommended either a SCADA system, or a large RedLion operator interface.

The customer chose the RedLion based on cost. While this was the less expensive option, it has many of the functionality of a fully fledged SCADA system. We spent some time integrating this into their facilities various networks and building screens. In the end we had, for relatively little money, brought all of their industrial networks together, added a data historian, simplified their alarming, brought their tank farm data to one place, and gave them a graphical representation of their various systems for easier access and control.

Posted: to General News on Mon, Sep 16, 2013
Updated: Mon, Sep 16, 2013