Superior Cake Products

I first met Randy back in the early 90s at a Textile Mill. He had just recently started his own company and he helped us out with some issues that had been plaguing our company for some time. We had a couple of other controls companies in there but he was the only one successful in correcting our issues with the Boiler Room. Fast forward to today and I am currently in a position to take care and improve our company's electrical infrastructure and also update a lot of our PLC Systems and AC Drives. I called Ames Electrical Consulting in to evaluate all the AB PLC's and VFD's because we were having a lot of connectivity issues and too many breakdowns. Together, we identified all the weak points and came up with a clear and concise plan to bring the Bakery up to current technology and then implemented it. We also use them for modifications in Electical Control Panels, HMI s, Recipes, etc. They are also great for onsite AND remote technical assistance. They are always there when we need them and are a great resource for our company. I feel like they are part of it because they really take a personal interest and provide us with working recommendations. They are not your everyday hit and run vendor. They care about their work and will tell you just like it is. I don’t normally write anything nor recommend vendors, but Ames Electrical is a great company and resource with many years of knowledge. I am looking forward to many years of working with them. Superior Cake Products is better off because of your help and here’s to an even better company future with all the improvements we have and will continue to make with their support.

Darryl O’Day, Maintenance Electrician

Fletcher-Terry Co.

"Ordered a new contactor per suggestion of Ames and installed it. Not only did it fix the problem, I've never seen that machine heat up as quickly as it did. Great work from you guys per usual, thanks a ton!!"

Matt Lee, Production Supervisor

Hillside Plastics, Inc.

As a competitive manufacturer in the plastics industry, we at Hillside Plastics place great demands upon our equipment and processes. We have worked on many projects with Ames Electrical Consulting since their inception. Our projects have covered machine control retrofits, designing control circuitry for new equipment and processes, and the construction, installation, and start-up of these control systems, including much PLC programming and fine tuning.

We have found Randy to be highly competent in all the above. He understands the fast paced manufacturing environment. He also understands and is able to work with the unexpected changes that occur in such an industry. Randy is not locked into any preconceived ideas; we have found him willing and able to do the research necessary to bring projects to a successful completion for all parties involved.

All of the work performed by Ames Electrical Consulting is of high quality and comes very well documented. Given the past performance of Ames Electrical Consulting, we would not hesitate to call on them again for future needs.

Gerry Lempicki, former Plant Engineer

Patton Tool Co. Inc.

I would like to say a few words of appreciation on behalf of Ames Electrical Consulting. We have a custom machine built in the early 1970's with an obsolete T.I. unit. Unfortunately the company that built the machine had closed. We were referred to Ames Electrical Consulting by another company who was pleased with his work. We needed a new program, and have it burned into the T.I. unit. Ames called, and tracked down an individual out of state who had purchased a Eprom Burner (no longer available) for their own uses. Ames made the trip out of state to burn in our program.

After our machine was running, we were furnished with a new schematic, and a hard copy of our program. Because of his quality assurance, and pleasant personality, we would make sure to call him with any future needs.

Frank A. Small, President