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Potential Customer Requests an Informal Company Profile

When asked to describe the type of work we do, I provided this information to a potential customer:

"I have been doing controls automation since the mid 1980’s and started my own in 1992. I have equipment all over the world and have worked with companies that are household names – Hasbro Games, Callaway Golf, Pelican Cases, Yankee Candle Company, Kringle Candle Company, Lenox Saw, Mayhew Steel Products, Litelife Foods  – just to name a few. We have been authorized to provide replacement control systems for Nuclear Power Facilities, Military Base R&D Manufacturing, and we regularly provide solutions for Municipal Water/Wastewater facilities and the Granite Stone Industry (there is always a market for headstones!) We provide systems that continually monitor the conditions of 80,000 gal tanks of salt water that supports life for 20,000 Australian Sea Bass (Baramundi) per tank and I just returned from controlling upstream pool level above a dam with 10 control gates, to within 0.01’ (yes – that’s 1/8”) for a system on the Mississippi River. In over 20 years of custom control projects, I can count on 1 hand the ones that did not work (and they were all due to mechanical limitations).

My automation business philosophy is pretty simple: 
Provide solid solutions (I don’t use cheap junk components – ever. Because you get what you pay for), deliver solutions on time (this is why I live and die by the schedule), and provide a fair price ( I try to be competitively priced – but customers also need to realize the value I can bring to the table through years of successful experience).

My business and control systems have survived 2 recessions and a Tsunami (ask me sometime), and I am not ready to retire anytime soon."

So....What can I do for you today??

Posted: to General News on Tue, Apr 7, 2015
Updated: Tue, Apr 7, 2015