3-in-1 for Local OEM in Connecticut

Ames steps in to simpify an OEM’s control panel design

About 2 years ago, we made contact with a local OEM located in Connecticut.   At that time the people building the OEM’s control panels were looking to retire from the business. It was a great opportunity for us to step in and see how we could help them. The OEM had three machines they sold that were more or less the same but required different controls and setup based off of the type of material being processed. This meant that the OEM either had to stock one of each control panel or have the ability to get a quick turnaround from the panel builders. We saw this as the first area for improvement. In our minds we thought, “Why don’t we just simplify these machines into a single control panel design?” It required a redesign of the schematics to accommodate the I/O for all three machines as well as PLC and HMI programming to merge all three programs.

We also added the ability for the OEM to select which type of machine it will be during a password-protected setup. We gave our proposal to the OEM and they thought it seemed like a no-brainer because it gave them commonality of parts and a single control panel design. They gave us the order to proceed. After redesigning the electrical schematics, merging three PLC & HMI programs, adding additional custom programming requests, and startup testing/debug we had done it. We provided a new customer with a solution to simplify their machine’s electrical design, PLC & HMI programs, and even added more functionality that they requested. All of this was done with a quick turnaround time and for a cost similar to what they were currently paying for their control panels.


Posted: to General News on Wed, Jun 1, 2016
Updated: Wed, Jun 1, 2016