Small Solutions - Huge Gains!!

Recent projects create improvements with immediate gains.

We have recently designed, built, and installed (3) Timer Control Units for a local manufacturer's induction heaters. The customer needed to create a time delay in starting their heating process. They were fighting with this issue for a number of years until we approached them with a simple and cost effective solution. After receipt of order, we were able to complete this project for them in 1 weeks time! The application for these timers are great for the company's productivity. They allow the station employees to focus on other parts or their job process and get things done while the timer controlled heaters do their job and prepare the next product for the next step. So if you are looking for a fast time driven turn-around, give us a call!

We have also just completed work for a wastewater treatment facility to automate the control of their D.O. and O.R.P. process. Based on what the probes in the D.O. tanks are reading, the sludge and air valves will adjust to the right level accordingly. This reduces the amount of man power and time to monitor these valves and adjust them by hand due to automating the process. This also allows workers to focus in other areas and accomplish additional tasks. This project is part of an attempt to remove/reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in the water that is treated using existing equipment with minor modifications. This project is costing the town less than $50,000 total. Getting the best nitrogen and phosphorus removal from the results of this project is a huge money saver. If this project had not been implemented, the DEP would require the treatment plant to implement a process that would cost the town about $4.5 million for nitrogen and phosphorus removal.

Posted: to General News on Wed, Aug 15, 2012
Updated: Wed, Aug 15, 2012