On the Level

Updating Wastewater Pump Station Controls from 1973 to 2013!

One municipal waste water customer had been having trouble with their bubbler based level control at one of their pump stations.

We had a look, and found that the pump station had a PLC upgrade used for alarming that had sufficient I/O remaining to add a sonar level control to the pump station at minimal hardware cost and enough space in the conduit to run wire where we needed to get it meaning a low labor cost for the install. Keeping the cost low made it an easier project to get approved. One caveat was that we could not shut the station completely down, the pumps HAD to run every 15 minutes to maintain the system.
We rigged up an electrical bypass system where a plant operator could manually run the pumps when needed, as he physically watched the level of the water rise in the wet well. Once we started removal of the bubbler system, there was no going back. We installed the sensor and made the wiring and program changes in less than a day. The system was up and running with less maintenance costs, reduced electrical costs (no air compressors running for the bubbler) and more information getting back to the SCADA at the treatment facility (the pump station now provides level information to the SCADA system). Another Great Team Effort between our Customer and Ames Personnel!

Posted: to General News on Mon, Sep 16, 2013
Updated: Mon, Sep 16, 2013